Unvented hot water cylinder (hot water tank)is a sealed, pressurised hot water store providing high flow rates for domestic and commercial properties. The range, covering capacities from 90 litres - 500 litres, comprises of a "standalone" stainless steel storage cylinder which can be specified as direct (heated by immersion heater)or indirect (heated by heating system). A maximum flow rate of around 60 litres/minute is achievable given an adequate supply and fittings.

With no requirement for cold water storage cisterns cylinder can be located in any convenient space (kitchen, bathroom, garage … )freeing roof space and lowering installation costs. The unvented cylinder gives mains pressure hot water to all outlets and provides a very fast hot water recovery.

This combination of high flow rate and fast recovery makes these stainless steel unvented cylinders ideal and necessary for any property with more than one bathroom.


Advantages of unvented systems:

Easy to install

Fast heat recovery (typically 20 mins for 170L)

Balanced hot and cold supply to all outlets at controlled pressure

No tanks in roof space

Minimal heat loss (well insulated)

Drinking water at all cold water taps

Cylinder siting virtually anywhere in the property

Stylish appearance

All cylinders conform to building regulation G3